Feabrik Art


Association “Fabrik Art“

Association “Fabrik Art” is non government organization of artists – experts of drama, fine arts, applied arts, music and theory, management of culture and art . It is non profit organization founded in 2009. based in Belgrade, Serbia.  Through art “Fabrik Art” works on positive promotion and education of values and creative thinking audience, which is mainly youth. Promotion intercultural dialogue through art and culture.

Founders and members of “Fabrik Art” organization are active experts and eminent artists: multimedia artists from art group “Feabrik” (www.feabrik.com ) who did in last few years international and multimedia art projects mostly based on a lot of cooperation and cultural dialogue with foreign artists from Germany, Greece, America, Indonesia, Turkey; musicians who played on a lot of festivals; animators – animations, cartoons; poetry writers – published books; andragogs (expert for education of adults) who did art workshops.

International works: Multimedia art project Ether Wind with German art dancer Barbara Kupser; International art project “Windform” documentary and art movie with soundtrack for art festival in Germany 2008; International art project “Zone Zero”, Killkis, Greece 2009.
International art project: “Music for Peace”, Istanbul, Turkey 2009.

We organized: Multimedia happening “Windy Happening” in Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia 2008;
Exhibition and show of Flounder Lee (www.photoflounder.com) – American photographer in Novi Sad, Serbia 2009.

We were co-organizer of: Festival of acoustic music “FAMUS” in Sivac, Serbia 2009; Festival of acoustic guitar “Gasini akordi”, Starcevo, Serbia 2009.

Artists of “Fabrik Art” did workshops and art projects with youth artists. Keep contact with most of people we worked with and now we are working together on preparing new projects with them.


Aims of organization

- To interces to commitment to arts and culture
- Intercession to prosperity in the field of information,
- Intercession to promote the works of authorship members of the Association
- Intercession to develop awareness of the contents and the protection of culture and art
- Efforts to increase interaction and integration of the whole of our culture on the international and national level
- Contributing to the development and expansion of the fields of national action and international artists, theoreticians, art historians, and managers of culture and simultaneously create a spirit of life in new circumstances, contribute to the cultural identity of our country.
- Commitment to the promotion of women authors in culture and art.

Regular activities of Fabruik Art

- Collecting and process scientific and technical literature in the field of culture and art, and all information related to culture and art on the Internet for its members;

- Encourage their members to work on professional and research activities in the domain of art and culture;

- Publishes books and other publications about arts and culture, published on the internet for information about culture and art;

- Promote and affirm the culture and art, work and national and international authors through the organization of festivals, concerts, exhibitions, panel discussions, symposiums and the Internet, the media (radio, television, newspapers and other print media) and other types of presentation of the artists and their works - Members of the Association;

- Organize independently or together with other national or international organizations, festivals, exhibitions, concerts, multimedia presentations, meetings, symposiums, presentations for its members;

- Working with professional associations and other organizations in the country and abroad that deal with culture and art in general;