Heuristic Game 1- 9 March 2011


Project "Heuristic Game"

From 1st to 9th March 2011

Training Course about using creative methods and art for inclusion of social excluded young people from different cultural, ethnic and religious background.

            This project by the name "Heuristic Game" is financially supported by the European Commission’s Youth in Action Programme. Youth in Action Programme offers to young people in general and young people with fewer opportunities in particular, non-formal ways to learn, with a strong focus on intercultural learning as means of increasing tolerance in European societies and personal growth of the people participating in youth activities.

About Youth in Action Programme

            Youth in Action (2007-2013) is the programme the European Union has set up for young people. It aims to inspire a sense of active European citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young Europeans and to involve them in shaping the Union's future.

            It promotes mobility within and beyond the EU's border, non-formal learning and intercultural dialogue, and encourages the inclusion of all young people regardless of their educational, social and cultural backgrounds. It also helps people working in the youth sector develop skills and establish contacts necessary to enhance their work.

            The Youth in Action programme is supported by funds from the Joint International Unit, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)/Department for Education, and the European Commission (DG Education and Culture)



The European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States of the European Union have agreed to establish the Youth in Action Programme, which puts into effect the legal framework to support non-formal learning activities for young people. It will run from 2007 to the end of 2013.


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